So I see you guys enjoyed my previous HIJACK Rant.

here’s a shorter one

okay like
the whole
jack being physically invisible
and hiccup feeling sorry for jack prior to them meeting
btu once they meet
jack kinda shows hiccup that physically being invisible i sjust as bad as not being seen for who you are and
the both of them
work through their problems
and emotional torture
and the cutest things about hiccup that jack falls for— i mean i would imagine jack would be the type
to fall for someone awkward and mismatched
and adorable in the weirdest ways possible
because thats who he is— not conventional
and the contradiction in jack himself
how physically cold he is and
how used to the cold hiccup is
but more than that
how warmth isnt born from purely temperature
like the sun hitting your skin
theres the warmth from the pit of your stomach when it does cartwheels
or the warmth you feel in your heart when it starts beating fast
and it doesnt matter that jack is freezing cold, because hiccup feels all sorts of other warmth
that the ice spirit
give him
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